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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Little Dutch Dresser

Little Dutch Dresser

Not really sure if it is a Dutch dresser the carving detail  just reminds me of dutch furniture.
I bought it like this and even though it is cute it really lacked personality. Someone had just used a sprayer to spray light grey paint, but with minimal work I was able to give it a little style. I did this piece back in October, I am just behind in my blog posts.

I used a mixture of French Linen and white Annie Sloan chalk paint and gave the grey some more depth. I painted the body and carvings by mixing Old White and Pure White (1/2 n 1/2 mixture), and then just doing a little distressing with sandpaper.

I think it went from basic to quite charming!

Blue Rustic Dresser

Blue Rustic Dresser

I did this piece way back in October, but I really fell behind on my posting things on my blog.
This dresser was in very sad shape when I got it, and there were quite a few repairs that I had to do along the way, but it is so gratifying when you have saved something before it hits the garbage heap. It was wobbly, veneer coming off on top, drawers were warped on the inside, and the bottom wasn't even leveland was missing trim.

First thing to do was to fix the veneer, lots of glue and clamps for this one. I have never dealt with veneer in such bad shape. I really wanted to stain the top, so keeping it intact was an important job. It was going to have to be a rustic little dresser so it didn't have to be perfect, but at least sturdy.

 After much contemplation I decided to add some height and detail to the bottom. I took some large wood finials that already had screws in them, I chopped off the top of the finial and screwed them to the bottom of the dresser. It looks funny now but will look nice once it is all painted.

I should have taken pictures of the drawers before I pulled all the old warped bottoms out. Using a circular saw (with help from hubby) I cut new drawer bottoms with some thin plywood, and slid them right into place and put a few small nail in to make the bottoms secure.

I then painted the body of the dresser Duck Egg by Annie Sloan Chalk paint. In this picture I have not stripped the drawers down yet and restained. 

Here is the end result, after all the repairs, stripping an restaining the top and the drawers. I think it turned out really nice and it sold right away.