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Friday, October 3, 2014

Classy White and Cherry Dresser

I have to say this was a gorgeous dresser from the beginning, and I knew it would not take much for it to be outstanding. You can't tell from this picture but is had turned more of an orangy color and it has lost it's rich cherry tones. Let me just say this baby was solid cherry and heavy! Heavy is an understatement! Usually once you pull the drawers out they are so much easier to handle, but not this baby, it was a cherry beast!
I finished it and had it sold the next day!

I started off by stripping down the top and boy did it have a thick gooey layer of shiny lacquer to get off of there.

Next was stripping down all 12 drawers, and boy was that a chore, this girl had a backache after this step.

Here they are nicely stained and waiting for their 
protective wax.

Next I painted the body with Annie Sloan Chalk paint. I mixed equal parts Old White and Pure White, to get the perfect white.

Here she is all waxed and ready to sell! Isn't she pretty!

Fun Grey and White Buffet with a Surprise Inside!

I am really not sure what kind of wood this one is, but the top was fake laminate, so I had no choice but to paint the whole thing. Thought I would do something fun and paint the inside a bright color. I painted the outside with Anne Sloan chalk paint Old white and a mixture of Charcoal and old white to make the grey color. I actually used a latex paint for the inside, since I already had it on hand.

Coastal Colors Lowboy Dresser

I did this dresser back in July and I am finally getting it posted on the blog. I am much better at keeping my Facebook page updated.
This dresser need serious help, on its own it is not completely ugly, but really needed an upgraded look. The top wasn't even really wood, it was that fake 70's resin wood. I wanted to have some fun with this one and decided to do some coastal colors. Since I live near the beach it made it even more fun to do.
I didn't take any pictures of the process, because by this point I have done so many dresser like this that if you need to see how I do it you can look at my other tutorials. I used Annie Sloan chalk paint, Provence blue, old white and French linen. I did a light wash of Duck Egg over the Provence blue to tone it down and give more depth to the blue.

See the ugly fake wood top!

There are 9 drawers it took me awhile to paint them 3 different colors.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sophisticated Grey Lowboy dresser

I just finished the whole set and it turned out incredible. I put them up for sale and they were gone in 2 days.

You can go to this link to see pictures of the Tallboy project

Here is the lowboy all finished and fancy free

 Here is the wonderful BEFORE shot.

 Yep drawers galore here!!! These are the drawers for the lowboy dresser and the nightstand.

This is what the finish was looking like, not good, not good at all!

I want it to have a layered look when I go to sand and distress it, so I am purposefully painting the first coat with ASCP Old White.

Doing some trim work.

Here is the first coat of my homemade mixture of French Linen. I used all Annie Sloan chalk paints to make it. I wanted this to match the tallboy dresser so I needed to mix together the same mixture, it is like being a mad scientist of chalk paint.

I mixed a color darker than French Linen for all the flat parts of the drawers, this will give the dresser more depth in the end. Is it more work to do this? YES! Is it worth it? YES!

I am done with second coat and adding in more Old White trim color. I like to sand before I wax, I know it is messier, but I find it much easier to do it before.

I forgot to take pictures of the hardware while painting it, but basically I did a dry brush technique with Old White, let it dry then waxed it with clear wax.