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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Chic Linen Grey Nightstands

These nightstands don't have much redeeming value as is, pretty ugly color if you ask me.
But of course I see them as much more than this, and see what they could become. Watch and see the transformation!

The nice thing about chalk paint is that you do not have to prime first. And when you are dealing with a piece that is faux wood and you can't sand it chalk paint it a wonderful thing!
I used Annie Sloan chalk paint here, French linen and old white. I mixed the two together to get a lighter grey and Used old white in the trim and edges. The Top I will use straight French Linen.

It took a very steady hand and a good paint brush to paint the grey over the white. On previous projects I have painted the grey first and white last and let me tell this way was much easier. I actually sand lightly in between coats, because I am going for a smooth finish in the end on this one.

Already looking better

 More work to come. Sanding and painting another coat is the next step, But it is fun to see what it is going to look like.

A little clear wax and they are done! Aren't they cute! 
I think painting the hardware white really softens the whole look.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sophisticated Black Desk

Sophisticated desk
 This desk is going to be a lot different than other pieces I have done. I have painted many pieces of furniture in my own home black, but have yet to do it for my business. This desk is going to be very clean and sophisticated when it is done.

First I am going to strip the top because I am going to re stain it with a dark stain. I love leaving some of the wood showing if the wood if it is high quality wood.

I am also going to  be stripping and staining the drawers too.

First coat of paint. I am using oil base paint for this one, because you can get a deeper richer black than with anything else, so this is going to need to dry for a day before I can put on another coat.

Stained top and drawers and after that was thoroughly dry I waxed it with dark wax by Annie Sloan

I think this is one smart and sophisticated desk!