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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sign Making day

I haven't made signs for awhile so it feels good to get out the saw and nail gun! 
Looking forward to creating some new signs.

Here is all the wood cut for my signs ready to assemble

Next I glue the support pieces and then use the nail gun to secure them in place.

I have all the signs put together now it is time to stain and paint!

All stained and drying, and of course the kitty has to get into the picture

Before the Rosettes 

                               Before the Rosettes


My new idea
this one is medium size 24"x 11"

Medium and large

Large 35"x 13"

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Little Cottage Chic Dresser

I think this dresser is cute just the way it is, but I wanted to 

add just a little something for 

it to really pop. I think I am keeping this one simple

I sanded the top and the drawers, and then stained 

I was so happy that this piece came off, so it was easier to stain the top, and paint this piece white.

Ran out of paint, so the mirror will have to wait until tomorrow

I used painters tape to block out a panel on the sides to be able to leave some of the natural wood. Sometimes you can create detail where there is none with little tricks like this one.

Another day of sweat equity and it is done! 
Isn't she a cutie!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Antique Rustic Desk

I wasn't sure if I wanted to paint this desk and it took me months of staring at it and going back and forth, but then finally decided to go for it.

Started off with white primer and 2 layers of Swiss Coffee 

I used a small spray gun to paint the inside of the cubbies, I felt it would be much easier to get in the nooks a crannies by spraying, instead of spending hours with a little paint brush.

Ok bring on the stencils!

Surprise stencils on the inside too!