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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Plain Jane Cabinet slowly turning into a Gem

 This is a cabinet that I picked up the other day and it is going to be extra storage in my basement play area. I was originally going to just paint it white and be done with it, but once I got it home the wheels in my head started turning and I couldn't just leave it a plain Jane. I am going to be adding trim to it and I may even plan to add stenciling to the front. I was even thinking of adding chalk board to the front for fun. This cabinet has so much potential that it is hard to make a final decision.

It does have adjustable shelves so this is going to be great storage.

 The priming has begun

Time for the trim! I would love to say I cut my own trim, but my dear hubby did all the cutting. We bought a new saw so I wanted to be the observer and be the tape measure holder.

The side trim

We almost finished, but ran out of trim, so I guess it is back to Home Depot tomorrow. I am anxious to get all the trim on so I can start painting.

Side of cabinet 

I am very proud of myself, I finished off the trim myself. It was the first time I have used our new powered miter saw. Actually my first time using one ever, and it was super easy. I am hoping to have this piece painted by this weekend! I ordered some stencils from Hobby Lobby and I am waiting for them to arrive, but I am thinking this big thing needs more bling.

More pictures to come as the project come along

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