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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Little Cottage Chic Dresser

I think this dresser is cute just the way it is, but I wanted to 

add just a little something for 

it to really pop. I think I am keeping this one simple

I sanded the top and the drawers, and then stained 

I was so happy that this piece came off, so it was easier to stain the top, and paint this piece white.

Ran out of paint, so the mirror will have to wait until tomorrow

I used painters tape to block out a panel on the sides to be able to leave some of the natural wood. Sometimes you can create detail where there is none with little tricks like this one.

Another day of sweat equity and it is done! 
Isn't she a cutie!


  1. Eastlake - that's an Eastlake piece. I LOVE the white! You have such a great eye for bringing out the best in furniture!

    1. Thanks for letting me know, there was nothing on the piece that showed who the maker was, all I know it that it is old and great condition.