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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Flashback to the 90's Desk revamp

Now if any of lived through the 90's we all dabbled in sponge painting, well there was a time and place and  that time as long since vanished. (thank goodness). 
I bought this desk as you see it in the first picture, and who ever painted it was surely a teenager or someone who couldn't see well. Aside from the sponge painting the paint job on the whole desk was horrible, thick brush stroke going every direction, so the prep work for this one involved a lot of sanding. As usual it will be worth it in the end.


My doggie helper, or at least keeping me company.

I decided to strip the top since the paint strokes were so thick and went every direction, I thought starting clean was easier than sanding forever.

Sanded and ready to go

Green be gone! Already looking better.

I haven't stenciled anything in awhile and I thought this piece needed something extra special.

It is not waxed yet but I thought it would be fun to see it with the hardware on.

 More to come.
Final product!!! Way more charming than it was before.

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