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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Jolly Green Dresser Redo

This has been a fun project because I got to do this dresser for my Sister in law. Our husbands are brothers and this dresser is a family antique going back 3 generations. It has been painted many many times, I counted 3 layers and then I added the 4th layer. It was white then an antique glaze over that, then it is was light blue, and then green. I even found remnants of stenciling of daisies on it.
It was time once again for this dresser to be updated so here we go on the journey of the Jolly Green Dresser.

First thing was to sand the many many layers of latex brush strokes off the dresser

Then I wiped the whole dresser down with a cleaner that makes sure the piece has no residue or grease on it.
Ok ready set go!

Green is disappearing fast. The drawers and side panels are a mixture of 1 part Old White to 1 part French Linen by Annie Sloan chalk paint.

I was going to paint the top the lighter color and then paint a strip of the darker color near the top drawer, but then I decided that there was an imbalance of light to dark, so I am going to paint the whole top dark.

I like it much better with the dark top. This is it before the wax goes on, but my work shop got to dark to do the fine sanding and then waxing, so I will wait for the light of day and then take better pictures.

Hard to believe it used to be green!
Final product what a simple yet classy redo!


  1. What a lovely transformation! I bet your SIL was plesantly surprized; it looks like it might be from the 1930's era. The name of the style is on the tip of my tongue but not coming out of the ole brain..oh, here it that a Waterfall style?

    1. Yep it is the Waterfall style! My SIL bought some nightstands from me that where in shades of French linen, so then this dresser really stood out like a sore thumb being green. I think keeping the dresser simple yet classy was the way to go on this one, and yes my SIL and BIL are very happy with the grown up bedroom now.