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Monday, March 17, 2014

Dated Buffet turned Rustic Beauty

This was a very fun piece to do for a client of mine. We actually adventured out together to get the piece from a place that clears out estates. This piece came straight to my garage and will soon get to join my client in her home. She is going to use this buffet as a TV console, which I think is a brilliant idea! 

Here is the wonderful before! It has great structure and detail so I at this point I already knew it was going to be a great piece to paint.

We wanted some extra dark detail to pop through in the end when I go to shabby it up, so I use Annie Sloan Graphite to paint around the edges. 

Next come a coat of Paris Grey. After painting the top I decided the next coat would be darker so it would contrast a little from the whole body of the piece.

Here I am adding in dark accents to the deepest parts of the trim, and Using a mixture of Old white and Paris Grey for the the edges of the doors and on the trim of the doors.

I also used the lighter mixture to trim out the top edges and the drawer edges. It is hard to tell from the pictures, but the top is now a darker grey mixed with Annie Sloan Graphite and Paris Grey

The sanding begins!!!!
This is the first time I have spent more time sanding than waxing.

This is before waxing

                                  This is before waxing

And here she is done after clear waxing

I wish I could have taken pictures of it in my house, but I couldn't move this puppy myself, so in front of the garage it is.

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