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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Sophisticated Grey Painted Lady Dresser

I bought a whole dresser set off of Craigeslist for a really good price. I knew that it wasn't a high quality piece, laminate top, fake wood grain, but I saw the detail and the potential it had, and knew it would look great painted. I feel like anything can be redeemed with a little paint and TLC.

I didn't really take any picture of the process, I got to into painting that I forgot.  This is a picture where it is almost finished. I was running low on my favorite Annie Sloan French Linen, so I mixed my own using a ratio of Cocoa, Old White, and Graphite. I got almost a perfect match, 4 yrs of art school paid off.

At this point I felt the balance of colors was a little off, so my next step was to add white trim to the bottom and a little more white trim on the top drawer.

I started out with Old white on the body, but after painting the drawers I just didn't like how it all looked together. The cool thing about making mistakes or changing your mind is that it can actually enhance things in the end. After sanding the white pops through giving more dimension. I did a lighter version on French Linen on the body and did a darker French linen on the drawers. The top I did in the darker French line color. Old white trims out the drawers, top, and bottom edge. It is hard to see the difference in colors in the pictures, but in person it really adds more depth and interest.

Here she all done, waxed and ready for sale!

  I will be taking better picture soon that are not in my garage, but I was too excited to wait until I took them. Now I have the longer lower dresser and nightstand to do!

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