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Monday, June 24, 2013

French Country Chic Dresser

This dresser started off as a nothing special dresser, actually pretty ugly in person, but as usual this girl had a vision!!!

I have come back months later thinking I had already written what paint mixture I used and I realize now I didn't. So I am going to give a guess I know I used Annie Sloan French Linen and Old white. and I am thinking the ratio is 2 parts old white to 1 part French Linen. 

A lot of tedious trimming with the paint brush, but I am thinking now it was worth it. And hey who doesn't like a little dressing up with some stencils!

The edges of the drawers are trimmed out in French Linen

Hours of tedious painting and sanding and waxing 
And it is Done!!!


  1. I'm thinking you should just come and paint all the furniture in my house. . .
    This looks great!

  2. I do special orders, so think about one piece you may like done. I may even give you a discount cause I like you so much:)