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Friday, June 7, 2013

Picture Clip Frames

Getting Crafty for June

I have made and sold so many of these over the last few months, but each time I make a new batch I try to change it up a little. It may look the same to many, but there are little accents that are different.
This week I was thinking it would be fun to go Patriotic and I made a few flag picture clip frames. I kind of learned as I went since I hadn't made these before, but it was fun to see how things progressed. I guess the 2 lb bag of assorted buttons I ordered online came in handy. There were a lot of brass looking buttons that were way too shiny, but a little paint can change anything!

I know this picture is blurry, but I was trying to show that I used a crackle finish on the white stripes.

 Last week I sat down and made over 150 of my fabric roses, and I am glad I did, now I have a surplus so I can make my signs as I need to. It took me all day, and I mean all day to make that many roses, but the funny thing is that I get in a zone and I don't want to stop.

I ordered a bunch of antique looking buttons, but they tend to look cheap, so I sprayed a majority of them with an antique bronze paint, and then later sand a little of the paint off to bring out a little of the shiny brass. Sometimes you have to look past what something looks like to see its potential.

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