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Monday, March 4, 2013

New future projects

OK I officially have too many projects going at once, but I couldn't help this one, no really I couldn't, a deal is a deal that is a deal! My daughter says that the first thing I need do is admit  that I have a problem, (addicted to furniture). I say I admit I have a problem, but I do not want a cure! I love furniture!
My husband just helped me bring home 2 dressers, a desk and a night stand.
This is a (petite) High Boy, about 4 1/2 ft tall and 2 ft wide. It has a matching lowboy with a mirror, and a nightstand. The desk does not belong to the set, but has the same style. I have more pieces than will fit in the garage right now, so they are throughout my house also, until I can get to them.
I am not allowing myself to look at craigeslist or thrift stores until I get  some of these projects done and sold.

The desk


The dresser

I love these chairs!!!
I bought them with the intent to paint and recover and sell them, but I am not sure yet if I can part with them. I think I like old furniture too much.

This is a dollhouse bookshelf that I bought for my daughter when she was 4 and 11 years later I am finally painting it. I just never bothered, because it seemed like too much work. It was just plain non finished wood, and I have primed and painted it white for a start. I plan to paint each shelf a different color and paint windows, ivy and flowers trailing up the sides.

This is just a nice solid little desk that needs some personality, I have wonderful plans for this one, just you wait and see.

Tables do not come much uglier than this, but I have a vision and this is going to be a beauty when it is done!

This poor dresser has seen better days, it is looking so sad and dejected, but I know I can work some magic and in a couple weeks you won't even recognize it!

I think I am going to be busy for awhile!

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