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Friday, March 15, 2013

Ugly Betty's Getting a Facelift

So we all really know Ugly Betty is actually pretty, but she is being held back by bad glasses, bad clothes, and over sized braces. All she really needs is a little help and guidance. My Ugly Betty is being held back by thick yellowing varnish, ugly hardware, and drawers that look like a little girl had a hay day with fingernail polish and glitter.
Many hours of stripping the varnish off (sanding was not an option on this old girl), and just plain hard work.

Nice new clean white paint (still drying)

The inside of the drawers were so bad that needed a face lift too, so some (Caribbean Breeze) paint will be a little surprise when you go to open the drawers.

Well you can't give Ugly Betty a face lift and forget all about her backside, so a little flash of color so nothing is left unnoticed.

Drawers and top are stained, now it is time for stenciling!

Looks nice even before the stenciling, but just wait!

First drawer

Almost done!

I still have to stencil the top and do a little sanding but she is almost done! I am hoping by tonight I will have it done.

She's Done!!! Ugly Betty is now a beauty!

She's styling from front to back

Even her insides are colorful.

Ugly Betty was the biggest undertaking so far, she needed a lot of TLC before I could even begin to paint, but she was worth it in the end!

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